Because my husband asked me to, like, 10 times.

This is the post excerpt.


So I’ve lived in Canada for a little over a month as a visitor. I still miss coffee, I’m still slightly intimidated by public transit, and I still wish I had a job. So what better way to do something with my time but write?
I’ve blogged before. That was freshman year of university, though, when I still thought I was hot shit. I’m still writing, even beyond this blog, too. Unpaid game projects provide me with eventual resume experience, I suppose. But my husband’s suggested quite a few times now that I write about my life and times in Canada as a small-town girl from North Carolina. And yeah, I’ll admit, there’s a lot to talk about, tiny little things I still notice time to time while I discover my place here. I’ll probably also talk about my video game goings-on in the process, too. Y’know, give this blog some actual spice as I play Pokemon Moon.
So we’ll see how this blog progresses. I’ll probably make update posts about my milestones and whatnot, and complain about the lack of sketchy Mexican food in Toronto. Who knows, maybe I’ll keep going until I actually have dual citizenship.

Author: cuddlemeister

I freelance write and edit, collect books/games/sweaters/Pokemon plushies, and live in Canada.

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