Fast Food Gossip

Short story about an experience I had today that I wanted to share. Please and thank you to not hating me.

I had very little to do today, and while I don’t usually condone eating at McDonald’s, I quite enjoy being there during breakfast time, so this morning my husband dropped me off there for coffee and breakfast burritos because I ran this week and can therefore treat myself. I quickly finish my food and am nursing my coffee over Johannes Cabal the Necromancer when a nice group of senior Scottish Canadians settles next to my table. I pay no mind and continue to read, but not five minutes later, one of the women comes to me and asks if she can sit next to me. I quickly move my jacket and stuff, and she joins my table, but is still with that group. her husband sits across from her soon afterward with food, and then another gentleman comes to sit across from me.

So now I’m wedged into the corner of a corner table at McDonald’s. I thought it was actually rather nice that they were comfortable with me being there, as usually where I come from in the States, the large groups of seniors come early enough in the morning to where no ginger reading a book would be awake to disturb them.

Thankfully I know that large groups of seniors don’t usually stay and read books after they eat and talk (that’s for the lone senior that comes to McDonald’s), so I think I’ll just wait them out, and then leave. Which was easy, except I began to inadvertently eavesdrop on their conversation since I was practically part of their group by this point. I like to consider myself pretty good at listening in without giving myself away, but these guys were talking about their grandchildren and Tesco, plus I loved their accents, and I couldn’t help myself. Finally, one of the men said (abridgedly), “I love me son, but he was a little shite as a kid. He has his own now. I think his is worse!”

I accidentally giggle and attract the attention of the group. I think for a second that I’m about to be thrown out from my little corner, but instead the man cackles and says “Just you wait ’til you have a kid!”

To make a short story long, they continued with their gossip and I continued to read. Finally they left, and I followed soon after. It was a nice experience, and while I hope I didn’t disturb them too much, I’m sure it was a nice experience for them too.

– C

P.S. – I apologize if my summation of Scottish speech in text is offensive. I just think Scottish people sound rad.


Author: cuddlemeister

I freelance write and edit, collect books/games/sweaters/Pokemon plushies, and live in Canada.

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