The Hunting of Jobs and Insects

So, I know I kind of crashed and burned for a little bit. To be honest, I was considering quitting my blog after not even publishing ten posts. I know, I’m disgusted with myself, too. My husband is a gift to humanity, however. He’s convinced me to give another few pushes. I’ll be trying to now post once a week here, so prepare for uneducated squirming over life on a more regular basis.

One good thing has happened in my life as of late. I know I’ve told some, but I’ve tried to keep it slightly on the down low for now. I got my Canadian job permit recently, and was able to then get my Canadian SIN documents. Now comes the most exciting part – job hunting! I’ve had little to no luck so far, as Toronto is a far larger city to try and shove oneself into the job market than Charlotte. I’m still applying for work nearly every day, but woooow. It gets a bit irritating at times. I feel like I’m throwing bread crumbs at an empty pond.

Speaking of hunting, I’ve also been playing The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword with my husband. And when I say that, I mean that I’ve been struggling to catch bugs, even with the upgraded bug net. I’d say that, in writing this blog post, I’m about 2/3 through the game, and I still cannot catch bugs to save my life.


I can almost sense my husband watching me when I come across a particularly skittish bug during my adventures. The background music quiets, my hand steadies, and one of two things happens. One, I underestimate my net swing against a tree and the bug flies away. Two, I flail around with the net in an attempt to scoop up bugs I find on the ground and end up squishing them instead.

Thank goodness the flailing technique tends to work pretty decently on insects that flutter around me. Regardless, I enjoy Skyward Sword, whether or not I enjoy the controls or the bug hunting mechanic.

And if anyone by chance knows where I can apply for work and/or give me a good word somewhere, I’ll buy you a beer.

– C


Author: cuddlemeister

I freelance write and edit, collect books/games/sweaters/Pokemon plushies, and live in Canada.

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