All Work and No Play

I’ve been gone for a small time. I’d like to both thank and blame my parents for the reason of my absence. They came to visit last week. It was quite a lovely time, too! Just enough of a buffer before I began WORKING IN TORONTO. As in, a job, that pays money, and allows us to one day maybe become actual adults! So on top of parents visiting and starting a new job this week, it’s been slightly difficult to find time to write a blog post. I plan to push forward, however!

As I was thinking about a good topic for today, I remembered the many boxes my parents brought up with them when they came to visit. Most of these boxes were wedding gifts, but some of them also contained my old video game consoles. While we haven’t unpacked any of these consoles yet, I’m very much looking forward to having my childhood games back.

My relationship with Felix pretty much flourished around the concept of video games. He plays games from the newer consoles, and while I do as well, I’ve kept my childhood consoles and recently started collecting consoles from before my time. That being said, I’ve convinced Felix to, at some point or another, play some of my favorite childhood games. They may not all stand on their own by today’s standards, but they’re very dear to me. Plus, they all have killer soundtracks, something Felix looks for in a good game more often than not.

So here are my top three most anticipated games for Felix to eventually play. 😀

1. Banjo-Kazooie


I actually played the sequel, Banjo-Tooie, before I played this game. You can blame my mom for that. Playing them in reverse order has done nothing to tarnish the quality of this N64 classic, however. Felix enjoys games rich with collectibles, and boy, does this game provide in that department! Hell, he might enjoy the collecting more than I did playing this game as a child! I do have to argue that Banjo-Tooie did a better job at spreading out its collectibles to keep exploration more fresh, but I’ll reserve my opinions for after Felix plays the first game.

Felix is also quite familiar with Grant Kirkhope’s music thanks to me forcing him to listen to various tracks throughout the different levels of this game. My favorite soundtrack of his would still be DK64, but this soundtrack is pretty high up on the charts as well!

I know it may seem like I actually want Felix to play some of the other Rare games of the 90’s, but I know he’s more interested in Banjo-Kazooie, whether it be from watching numerous Youtubers praise it so highly, or from watching different clips that we’ve found online, so I’ll push him to play this game, first and foremost.

2. Kingdom Hearts


Just the first one. I’ll be crucified by some people for saying this, but I’ve been content for almost ten years now having just played the first four games released for this series. Plus, I know my husband isn’t fond of game franchises that flip flop between timeline chronology.

Felix is actually quite picky with his RPG’s. For instance, while he played the hell out of Chrono Trigger, he couldn’t possibly finish Final Fantasy IV. Yes, FF4 was way more of a grind-a-thon than Chrono Trigger, but the story was still quite vivid, and I found very little frustration in beating it. The richness of the story in Kingdom Hearts is even more vivid, in my opinion.

The original Kingdom Hearts, as well as KHII, used to be my obsession. I made duct tape rings and bracelets so I could cosplay as Roxas (I never did.) and memorized all the Japanese lyrics to Hikari. And then the storyline became super convoluted and I gave up. I still have fond memories, however, of the stages and gameplay mechanics, and I feel like Felix could also get on board with these features.

Oh, and the soundtrack is also amazing. There’s not much to say about it. It’s just great.

3. Sonic Adventure 2 Battle


My mom had a tendency of getting me sequel games before their prequels. I never cared, though. I still adore this game. It’s such a strange game. It has awful English dub syncing, had pretty much no remastering whatsoever for the GameCube port, and had some eyebrow-raising glitches at times.

But I played every bit of this game – even the shitty racing portion of the game. Even extra missions you could gain emblems from on each stage. I played the ever living hell out of this game. And, over the years of dating Felix online, I showed him some of the sick music featured in the game, including the various rap music that Hunnid-P did for Knuckles’ stages. I honestly feel like that’s the sole reason he’s willing to play this game. He secretly loves the music for Knuckles’ stages, he just won’t tell you that.

There are many more games I’d like to see Felix play from my childhood, but I guess we’ll start off with these three. He’s currently playing Assassin’s Creed: Rogue now, so I doubt we’ll get to any of these three for a bit, but I’m looking forward to it!

– C


Author: cuddlemeister

I freelance write and edit, collect books/games/sweaters/Pokemon plushies, and live in Canada.

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