My and My Husband’s Favorite Waifus (and Husbandos)

Fire Emblem Heroes came out this month, and while neither me nor my husband have ever really played a Fire Emblem game before (Felix played The Sacred Stones, but I mean), so we both downloaded it and tried it out.

Suffice it to say that we have now invested more time into the game over the past three days or so than I think we’ve ever invested into a mobile app before in three days. We are obsessed. And the inevitable marketing that this app is meant to provide has worked. I now want to play FE Awaking and Fates incredibly now.

I’d say that most of the appeal that I’ve grown attached to in the game comes from the characters and their variety. There are all kinds of heroes to summon and train, and they all have unique characteristics, making them all worthy of training in one way or another. The variety, however, also stems from the amount of awkwardly sexy men and women (and I mean, girls and boys) you come across in the game. Thus, my husband and I refer to the Fire Emblem series as “The Waifu Simulator,” which, as it happens, actually exists and I don’t recommend anyone look it up.

All Around Best Waifu

16775988_1575706825775998_398028565_oI like Cecilia’s design above all else, to be honest. While I don’t know much about the Fire Emblem lore, I know she was involved in Roy’s storyline, and Roy was the first character that I liked in the Fire Emblem series, so I guess it was inevitable that Cecilia be on my favorite list. She’s intelligent, she has great range in the game, and I secretly feel like she would be a massive momma bear. Like, the kind who bakes you cookies, but smacks you for eating them before dinner.

Holy heck. Lucina is such a solid character. She’s really dependable, trustworthy, and you feel like you can rely on her for a lot of things – killing baddies, and maybe cooking you a nice stew. She doesn’t seem the type to cook fancy dinners, but she knows what will fill up a belly really well. Plus those boots!

Most Moe Waifu

Catria was one of the first characters I summoned in the game aside from the default four characters you start out with. I wanted to pick Florina for this category, but one of the first things Felix and I noticed about Catria was that she has the Sailor Mars pose going on, the kind where she has her body twisted in such a way that you can see dat butt. I’m sure there are way more moe poses out there, but I haven’t seen many, so there you go. She’s still one of my favorites, though, and one of my strongest, too.

It seems like the pegasus units always get the most moe units, eh? There were plenty to pick from but I gotta pick my personal favourite, Caeda. She’s the strongest of my pegasus units so far, and plus she rocks that blue hair like nobody’s business (sorry Lucina). On top of that, nothing is more moe than garters for your knee-high socks.

Most Waifu (or Husbando) Material

Frederick is one of the many male characters in the game absolutely laden with thick armor. Yet still, he has the most personality from those I’ve so far been able to summon. He wears a collared shirt with a bow under his armor for God’s sake! Plus, he’s a tank. Hard to take down, and super mobile on his horse. And if he were to ever ask me on a date, I’d probably say yes.

I mean, tits.

Honorable Mentions

Gordin and Gwendolyn
I couldn’t pick between these two, honestly. They’re both so different, yet I love them for the same reason. They’re both adorable. Gordin’s mainly adorable on looks, but Gwendolyn is my only female tank, and she just tries so hard. I love my tanks, I guess.

“If you wish to get my attention…friend…you have it.”
Kudos to whoever was the voice actor for this guy in the game. His sultry tones have made me feel inadequate as a man, and plus his abs just make me insecure about my own sexuality. On top of that he’s just a ridiculously powerful unit, plus his special attack is nuts. Love the man.

Thanks for your patience in this article. Felix and I had a lot of fun writing it. If you haven’t played Fire Emblem Heroes, give it a shot! You’ll find way more characters in the game than just these waifus and husbandos.

– C



Fast Food Gossip

Short story about an experience I had today that I wanted to share. Please and thank you to not hating me.

I had very little to do today, and while I don’t usually condone eating at McDonald’s, I quite enjoy being there during breakfast time, so this morning my husband dropped me off there for coffee and breakfast burritos because I ran this week and can therefore treat myself. I quickly finish my food and am nursing my coffee over Johannes Cabal the Necromancer when a nice group of senior Scottish Canadians settles next to my table. I pay no mind and continue to read, but not five minutes later, one of the women comes to me and asks if she can sit next to me. I quickly move my jacket and stuff, and she joins my table, but is still with that group. her husband sits across from her soon afterward with food, and then another gentleman comes to sit across from me.

So now I’m wedged into the corner of a corner table at McDonald’s. I thought it was actually rather nice that they were comfortable with me being there, as usually where I come from in the States, the large groups of seniors come early enough in the morning to where no ginger reading a book would be awake to disturb them.

Thankfully I know that large groups of seniors don’t usually stay and read books after they eat and talk (that’s for the lone senior that comes to McDonald’s), so I think I’ll just wait them out, and then leave. Which was easy, except I began to inadvertently eavesdrop on their conversation since I was practically part of their group by this point. I like to consider myself pretty good at listening in without giving myself away, but these guys were talking about their grandchildren and Tesco, plus I loved their accents, and I couldn’t help myself. Finally, one of the men said (abridgedly), “I love me son, but he was a little shite as a kid. He has his own now. I think his is worse!”

I accidentally giggle and attract the attention of the group. I think for a second that I’m about to be thrown out from my little corner, but instead the man cackles and says “Just you wait ’til you have a kid!”

To make a short story long, they continued with their gossip and I continued to read. Finally they left, and I followed soon after. It was a nice experience, and while I hope I didn’t disturb them too much, I’m sure it was a nice experience for them too.

– C

P.S. – I apologize if my summation of Scottish speech in text is offensive. I just think Scottish people sound rad.

Haircuts and Horses

So my husband suggested that I write a blog post about my experience at real Canadian hair salon. And while yes, First Choice Haircutters was a new experience for me, having only gone to family owned businesses since I was a child, I don’t think writing about my haircut would be in the slightest interesting. So instead I’m going to write about an app I recently downloaded that has driven my husband crazy over the past week or so.

My Horse Prince is a dating simulator I downloaded last weekend during my search for normal dating simulators to help me with source material for a bit project I’m currently working on. I had already heard about the app on Kotaku, but had forgotten about it somehow until I stumbled upon it during my search. I immediately had to sit and think about my life choices as I was downloading and installing the app, and ever since then, I’ve slowly felt my psyche slip away from me.


Don’t get me wrong, though. This game is far more interesting than your regular dating sim. You play a generic girl trying to find a hot guy by visiting a ranch, and instead you find a hot horse. You then spend an unnecessary amount of commitment in encouraging this horse in his various endeavors to become a better racehorse.


That’s about as simple as it gets, but for fear of spoiling the finer and, dare I say, more interesting details of the game, I’ll leave it at that. It’s weird, definitely got me some stares when I played it at Lamanna’s, but it’s kept me mildly entertained for days. Go download it if you’re curious. It’s free.

I promise I’ll actually also talk about different Canadian and Scarboroughian places I visit (Like Lamanna’s), but for now, I’m pretty cooped up where I am and trying to find reliable ways to spend my time. Anyway, thank you for reading.

– C

Because my husband asked me to, like, 10 times.

This is the post excerpt.

So I’ve lived in Canada for a little over a month as a visitor. I still miss coffee, I’m still slightly intimidated by public transit, and I still wish I had a job. So what better way to do something with my time but write?
I’ve blogged before. That was freshman year of university, though, when I still thought I was hot shit. I’m still writing, even beyond this blog, too. Unpaid game projects provide me with eventual resume experience, I suppose. But my husband’s suggested quite a few times now that I write about my life and times in Canada as a small-town girl from North Carolina. And yeah, I’ll admit, there’s a lot to talk about, tiny little things I still notice time to time while I discover my place here. I’ll probably also talk about my video game goings-on in the process, too. Y’know, give this blog some actual spice as I play Pokemon Moon.
So we’ll see how this blog progresses. I’ll probably make update posts about my milestones and whatnot, and complain about the lack of sketchy Mexican food in Toronto. Who knows, maybe I’ll keep going until I actually have dual citizenship.